Repossession Documentation Required Information & Requirements

Repossessions are a lawful remedy to a defaulted commercial purchase/lease contract or a private-party purchase/lend/lease agreement.  Thus, repossessions must be initiated, processed, and facilitated in predetermined legal form and manner.  THE REPO ZONE cannot, by law, dispatch repossessors to recover and secure your taken collateral without first having all the required forms and ownership documents on file.  It is your responsibility, as the legal owner or lien holder of the taken collateral, to provide such forms and documents to THE REPO ZONE in order to commence the repossession process. THE REPO ZONE is a national repossession company whose repossession fees are delivery-based.  This means you do not pay any repossession service fee unless we are successful in repossessing your taken collateral.  Our invoiced repossession fees, which encompass the actual towing/transport cost and a repossession recovery fee based on a range of ten to twenty five percent of the value of the taken collateral, are all inclusive.  We can also assist in arranging delivery of your repossessed collateral to a destination of your choice.


The following documents must be faxed toll-free to 888-847-0267 in order to initiate and facilitate the repossession process:

                        -COMPLETED REPOSSESSION AUTHORIZATION FORM (Hold Harmless)

                        -COPY OF TITLE

                        -COPY OF CURRENT REGISTRATION (If available)

                        -COPY OF RETAIL INSTALLMENT SALES AGREEMENT (commercial lenders)

                        -COPY OF PRIVATE-PARTY AGREEMENT (If available)

                        -COPY OF PROMISSORY NOTE (If available)

                        -BILL OF SALE (If available)